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Braila branch

Braila harbor - Sea-river port located on the left bank of the Danube, at km 170, dockside access being made directly from the fairway.

Braila harbor has two berths with a vertical quay and two waiting berths allowing handling sea and river vessels up to the "Bara Sulina" maximum draft:

  • Waiting berth 22 - composed of 2 dragnets 95.41 m long placed end to end and Tiglina barge of 40.41 m;
  • Berth 23 – effective length of 100 lm;
  • Berth 24 - effective length of 104 ml;
  • Waiting berth 25 - effective length of 60 lm;

Harbor area is equiped with:

  • 4 quay cranes of 5 tf each necessary for manipulation any kind of merchandise, in direct transshipment (river vessel - sea vessel, railroad wagon - sea or river vessel, auto transport - sea or river vessel);
  • 12 tf Crane on wheels;
  • 3 fertilizer bulk bagging plants for loading in 500/600kg bags;
  • Mobile loading system for ships (shipploader);
  • Electronic Scale for vehicles up to a max of 60 tons;
  • Possibility of temporarily storing cargo in warehouse barges with tight lids;
  • Maneuvering pushers;
  • 2 railroads for operation with a total length of 468 m;
  • Two bunkers for bulk cargo loading for railroad or auto transport;
  • Platforms for cargo storage of 10.000 m2;
  • Pavilion warehouse with an area of 1.000 m2;
  • General goods warehouse with 3 cells with an area of 975 m2 and a height of 7.5 m;
  • General goods warehouse with an area of 375 m2 and a height of 8,65 m.

Braila harbor has a port facility's security system implemented (ISPS), in accordance with national and international standards regarding security and protection of sea vessels and harbors (facilities) where they operate. It is also equiped with a security guard service, video surveillance and necessary equipment for fire prevention and extinguishing.