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Galati harbor silo

Galati harbor docks silo – River-sea harbor placed on the left bank of the Danube at km 150.

TTS Porturi Fluviale S.R.L. has aquired at the end of 2006, a grain silo with a total capacity of 25.000 tons (based on wheat), having many facilities. This silo was designed by Anghel Saligny and build in 1884-1891 period being enrolled in the Romanian historical monuments list.

The building is entirely from brick, the 336 cells are arranged in a comb shape and are build from reinforced concrete plates. Cells have different capacities respectively 50, 60, 90 and 100 tons and allow several agricultural products to be stored at the same time

Placement offers, through the road and railroad networks, connection throughout the country, also throughout Moldavian Republic and implicitly the Russian Federation and Ucraine.

Galati harbor docks silo specializes in grain operating, with a possibility of storage and transit from wide path wagons to normal path wagons and and vice versa. Vessels/barges Loading/unloading procedures are caried out at berths 31 and 32 from Galati harbor docks (ships up to 7000 tons may be operated depending on the water level of the Danube).

Galati harbor docks silo is equiped with:

  • Mooring pontoon;
  • Laboratory equiped for gathering samples and establishing quality indices of received/delivered merchandise;
  • Electronic scale (60 tons auto and 100 tons railroad);
  • Stream scale;
  • Security guard and video surveillance services.

Galati harbor docks silo has a port facility's security system implemented (ISPS), in accordance with national and international standards regarding security and protection of sea vessels and harbors (facilities) where they operate.