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Giurgiu harbor silo

Giurgiu harbor silo – River harbor placed on the left bank of the Danube at km 489-497 "Giurgiu Harbor Complex" "Ramadan" work sector, access to the quay being made directly from the fairway.

Harbor area is equiped with :

  • Grain silo with 4 metalic cells with a total storage capacity of 6000 tons;
  • Platform for cargo storage of 1000 m2;
  • Laboratory equiped for gathering samples and establishing quality indices of received/delivered merchandise;
  • 60 tons electronic scale (vehicles);
  • 2 berths with a total length of 150m, with the posibility of operating merchandise in domestic and international traffic;
  • Pereat quay;
  • 16 tf harbor crane;
  • Mooring pontoon;
  • Mobile loading system for ships (shipploader);
  • Security guard and video surveillance systems.