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Oltenita harbor

Oltenita harbor – River harbor placed on the left bank of the Danube at km 429, provided with a vertical mooring quay with a length of 200m, allowing river vessels manipulation up to the maximum permissible draft on the Danube, access to the quay being made directly from the Danube fairway, with the posibility of operating merchandise in domestic and international traffic.

Harbor area is equiped with :

  • Two berths with a length of 200 m;
  • Liebherr crane of Q = 36 T to 18 m and Q = 12 T at 35 m;
  • Platform for cargo storage of 1000 m2;
  • Direct transshipment operating system;
  • Vehicle electronic scale type AE 60;
  • Fertilizer bulk bagging plant for loading into 500 kg bags;
  • Security guard and video surveillance systems.